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your home. your castle.


Bonnee wants you to have the home you've always dreamt of. Whether modern, classic, traditional or tailored she will make your dream space your reality. With access to the best the design world has to offer, from off-the-shelf to trade-only to fully customized and built for your dream space.

With years running a successful textile company under her belt, Bonnee is also a skilled space planner, curator of fine objets'd'art, custom furniture specifier, and project manager. She listens to her clients desires, works with architects and builders to flesh out structural and flow needs and deftly incorporates her inimitable taste into every project. The end goal is a space that delights.

From the skillful mix of patterns, passionate blend of colors and careful consideration of shape, material and function every space reflects her unparalleled sense of balance and harmony and leads to the joyful execution of your vision.